About me :)

I am  a visual communicator and creative thinker and posses strong ability to express creatively and effectively in design and Fine Art based learning.  Being a multi-tasker,  professionally committed and adaptable to changes I have identified my contribution in research, academics, fine arts and craft, social aids, creative media and many more. Excellence in any sphere of life can be achieved only through determination, hard work, perseverance and dedication. Yet, lack of in-depth knowledge of subject leaves the conceptual skills incomplete. Hence, upgrading the learning is the key note.

Skills & perceptual ability to visualization and represent: an analytical approach to skills of visualization and representation with major areas undertaking in visual and representational skill development of students for prints, Weaves surfaces, colors and usage of colors. Research in colors, compositions, perspective, proportions, elements of design, balance and emphasis with Design concepts and elements. Promoting  learning in design and fashion, Design skills and concepts, communications, and projects. Understanding of Design components, principal theories, morphology, 3D form generations and transformation, isometric and analytical drawings. Design skills and concepts on visualization and art illustration on croquet and range developments. Creative and entrepreneurial thinking and the use of design technologies. Material skills and processes in Visual Arts & Design. History & philosophy of Design and Visual Arts with understanding of environmental studies and field studies, is what I have upgraded myself with and still in continual process.


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