Managing Change

“Change is nothing new and a simple fact of life. Some people actively thrive on new challenges and constant change, while others prefer the comfort of the status quo and strongly resist any change. It is all down to the personality of the individual and there is little management can do about resistance to change (Mullins 2010: 753).”

In today’s dynamic work environment there are multiple enablers and accelerators of change, whether it is technology advances, complex multi-national organisations, the impact of globalisation or a challenging economic situation, businesses are required to re-frame their view of “normal”.

We live in a moment of history where change is so speeded up that we begin to see the present only when it is already disappearing – R.D Laing

Leaders are challenged with a swelling rate of change and complexity and need to find ways to deal with it. Leading companies through change has become different from how it was a decade or two ago.

For businesses to flourish and lead they will need to break away from expecting the day-to-day operations to continuously fall into a static and predictable pattern that may include short periods of change. The new norm is continuous change, not the absence of change. Businesses that embrace this “new norm” will move from purely responding to trends, to shaping them and leading them.

 While discussing role that managers play in avoiding and overcoming resistance to change and the value that resistance can bring to the change process in an organisation. There is no single solution to delivering successful change, but there are clear steps that businesses can take to reduce and eventually eliminate the change gap between the failures and the successes. Businesses can no longer afford an ad-hoc approach to change management.



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